Velle ornament ornament


4 levels
16 points per level
64 points total


4 levels
32 points per level
128 points total


4 levels
64 points per level
256 points total


Left and Right
arrow keys

Press P
to Pause the game

Press ESC
to Return to menu


2 players
You + your heartbeat


Flash 9 Plug-in
or higher

Level With Me

Allured by a blow of floor stomping electro-beats and pulsating rainbow-hued strobe lights, you've entered a hypnotic state, in a struggle over taking control or losing everything in a blink of an eye, on a dance floor dominated by a never-ending fleet of unpredictable black V's. As your eyes, body and mind never rest, you fall deeper into an intoxicating electronic seduction in anticipation of the next level by regaining an overtaken discotheque whose throbbing heartbeat is more relentless than your own. With no constraints for time, or fear of losing your life, endurance and perseverance become your adversaries in defeating the daunting black storm of V's to reach the undiscovered level beyond ecstasy within the nonstop electro-soundscape of the Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination.

Game Play

Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination features 3 challenging music tracks for you to become entranced with allure, seduction and ecstasy. Each pulsating music track explores 4 levels, distinct in both color and sound, with each level building upon one another to compose a hypnotic melody. ‘Level Up’ by collecting the correct amount of per level points and not allowing the daunting black V's to destroy the dance floor's throbbing electro-beats. If you let the onrush of black V's rule the dance floor, you will quickly ‘Level Down’ to find yourself without a score and without a beat. Don't let the beat stop! Use your quick side steps and take advantage of your floor-stomping footwork to ‘Level Up’ until you score a ‘Track Completed’, moving you to the next track within the Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination.


Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination Soundtrack available now
for download…

Allure 2:29Let's Do It!

Seduction 1:54Let's Do It!

Ecstasy 2:37Let's Do It!

Bring the floor stomping electro-beats of the Hypnotic Discotheque Fascination with you anywhere, anytime. Allure a friend with the seduction of a hypnotic ringtone or intoxicate a playlist with ecstasy.

HDF Soundtrack